Blokarting at IJmuiden beach: let the wind blow your mind

IJmuiden beach may not be the first place locals will recommend tourists to visit. Yet its proximity to Amsterdam makes it a day trip worth considering. Not to lay down on the sand for some sunbathing, but to undertake a sensational activity: blokarting! The wide and sandy beach stretches southwards from the town of IJmuiden and is bordered by the North Sea Canal to the north. Speed up your blokart and enjoy the sandy shores of The Netherlands!

Speed up your blokart and enjoy the sandy shores of The Netherlands!

Blokarting or land sailing is the dry equivalent of sailing and allows for a lot of fun, especially during days with southwestern winds of 3 Beaufort (or above). The Dutch North Sea coast offers wide stretches of sand with hardly any buildings or rocky boulders, making it the perfect place to spend some time blokarting. Even when temperatures are moderate, it will not stop you from enjoying a nice outdoor activity facing the elements.

Whether you are a group or just two people, hire your carts at Eventmaker in IJmuiden and set off for a couple of laps of sailing. Soon you will realise that sailing on land is actually a lot easier than sailing on water. For those living on the edge; try driving on 2 instead of the 3 wheels of the cart. This will increase the risk of a crash in the loose sand but adds to the excitement!

In IJmuiden, part of the beach is designated for blokarting. The laps are max. 500m. Only professional blokarters are able to complete full stages between coastal towns. From our experience, it makes sense to share a kart with a friend, as the racing is quite intensive. Though, having a kart to yourself allows you to make more and faster laps. Challenge each other on speed and tactical moves!

A blokarting session of 1,5 hour is sufficient to get the taste of it and sharpen your techniques. Before heading back, have a drink at one of the beach pavilions, take a swim or do some professional or small-time beach volleyball at ZanDiego Beach. The staff is very kind and they offer beach volleyball for free, just call in advance to check whether the field is available. Enjoy your time at IJmuiden Beach!

  • Costs: € 25 per person for 60 minutes of sailing fun. Public transport ticket to IJmuiden.
  • Address: Eventmaker, Kennemerstrand 180, IJmuiden and ZanDiego Beach, Kennemerstrand 160, IJmuiden. Plan your journey on Bus service 382 runs between Amsterdam Sloterdijk and IJmuiden Beach.
  • More info: if IJmuiden is your destination you should definitely check-out Eventmaker website. They offer a range of outdoor activities. Find more info on ZanDiego Beach website.
  • Bring: swimming pants, flip flops, trouser.
Photo by Daniel Sanchez
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