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That moment you decided to follow an unusual advice – and are forever grateful that you did. The triumphant feeling, the bliss.

ArnoudEefTo us, that feeling is the essence of traveling. Our interpretation of authenticity. We want to live and enable many such moments. So we create unusual travel advice. With love for the wondrous world around us. In consideration of people.

Arnoud has a strong self-will. On our expeditions, he keeps us off track. He will persist in finding the challenge, knowing the story and shooting the photos.

Eef has a vision. She devotes maximum inventiveness to achieve her ambition. She loves to tell the story and to energize people. She is committed to maintaining coherence.

Inspired by our travels around the world we learned to reconnect with our immediate vicinity: the Netherlands. Discovering our country’s endless travel opportunities, rich nature and peculiar traditions is priceless. We don’t need to go far to encounter beauty and feel wonder.

We care about giving space to human and natural life around us. Our travels should enable others to keep doing what they do. It is up to us travelers to be curious, to show respect and to empower. We will endeavour to share travel tips that observe life in the best possible way.

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